Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, John Mayer, Radical Face and Michael Kiwanuka... These musicians may not seem to have a lot in common, but in fact they share a passion: a love for the place they live. Their songs often contain comforting and nostalgic words about a special place called home.

There are countless sayings, songs, and poems about home that resonate for good reason. They have been generating warm and fuzzy feelings for ages - a comfy sofa for an afternoon nap, a favourite chair, a cozy bed and of course mom's cooking...

Because home is such a special and important place, we at Gazzda love to create extraordinary furniture for it. We want to help you build a home you can be proud of... that gives you butterflies merely when thinkingabout it... which generates a feeling of warmth and comfort when you talk about it... that revives and inspires when you are there... a place where you can flourish, dream and simply - be happy.


Salih Teskeredzic

There are many things that drive this friendly and down-to-earth innovator: For Salih, it's imperative for each product to embody an emotion. The design process is pure pleasure for him, as a pencil is like a toy - sparking creativity and imagination.

Salih lives for design and loves to share his passion with others - so beyond his work as a designer, he has been teaching promising youngsters industrial design since 2004.

Salih's work is internationally renowned, having received many awards and accolades.

Mustafa Cohadzic

You might say Mustafa has furniture design in his bones: he grew up in a family that produces handcrafted furniture, and as a teenager was already designing and constructing his own pieces in the family workshop.

Mustafa has evolved into a devoted product designer with a few other talents up his sleeve: He plays the drums, and sometimes surprises friends with a guitar serenade.

We know him as a vivant character who enjoys eliciting a laugh.


To us, a healthy space is one that is reminiscent of nature and instinctively feels like home. Therefore, we use natural materials at the base of our designs. Distinct Gazzda pieces, that add soul and warmth, are rationally designed, softly shaped and blended with contemporary materials. That's where we let decades of woodworking skill, meet our thrill for today's and tomorrow's living needs.

We will keep empowering our design team and expand it with new talents. That's because new adventures and ideas lie around every corner. We think it's important to keep our eyes open for them, and to maintain the curiosity of a child. And that is exactly what we plan to do in the coming years. Our audience can expect much, much more from us.