Tempered glass

Meet Petrol and Grey. Despite their ‘temper’, we promise they're great to live with. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ‘normal’ glass, and it does not shatter into jagged shards when broken. Instead, it fractures into (relatively) harmless, small chunks. So, no worries: Petrol and Grey can take a bump. 

But there’s more to tempered glass than just its built-in safety feature. This quality glass is stunning to look at, tough and resilient in daily use and of course - transparent. Want more? If one day you decide to dispose of your glass plate, it can be recycled and reused in the production of new glass materials.

Available colours


Use and care

  • To prevent stubborn stains on your product, use coasters under cups, vases, glassware and similar items.
  • Keep the material away from rough surfaces or heat. Also, avoid putting hard and heavy items on it. Any scratching that penetrates the surface cannot be repaired. Avoid all contact with metal objects.
  • If exposed for prolonged time to moisture, corrosive chemicals, solvents, vapors or cleaning fluids, the glass will deteriorate.
  • Any small particles or rough surfaces dragged over tempered glass repeatedly will scratch it.


  • Easily clean your tempered glass using a little bit of glass cleaner and a soft, grit free, clean, cotton cloth.
  • For a clean, clear, streak-free, lint-free shine, complete your cleaning by spraying again with glass cleaner and wiping dry with a piece of newspaper.
  • Do not wash the glass when it is fully exposed to the sun, and avoid washing it when it is too cold or hot.
  • Do not use scrub cleansers or scouring sponges, as they will scratch the surface of the glass.

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