At home in contract

Designing a public space and want to add that warm, wonderful feeling of home? Gazzda’s got you covered. Our light, smooth, natural designs make hotel lobbies feel like living rooms and restaurants feel like intimate dinner parties. Gazzda can bring that feeling of home to offices, bars, wherever. The only thing we can’t provide is mum’s home cooking.

Our roots

Bosnia’s natural beauty is astonishing - it holds many world-class gems like the Neretva River and the Kravice Waterfalls. There are lots of beautiful lakes and woodlands, including Europe’s largest virgin forest. An abundance of trees grow here, many older than the forest rangers can remember. And some so tall, they seem to grow to the sky. They blanket impressive, green mountains that tower over surrounding valleys, like the one in which our cherished home, Sarajevo, lies.

In addition to awesome nature, Bosnia has a lot more to offer. It is a country in which Eastern and Western cultures blend together, with a long tradition of music, movies, fine arts and craftsmanship. That includes fine metal- and woodwork, and of course, furniture production. This impressive combination might make you think Bosnia is an ideal place to make remarkable furniture. We think so, too.