Nora | bar chair without backrest

Nora | bar chair without backrest

from 260.00

Not your typical archetype. 

We were looking to create a chair that would be an archetype, though extraordinary. Light, but impactful. Modest, yet fresh. She had to be… a special kind of normal.

In early 2018, the dining chair arose. We named her after her creator’s one-year-old daughter. After a great first year for both Noras, we created a lounge and bar version of the chair in 2019. This way, Nora’s young design gets to rock various spaces and numerous occasions.

Each version is crafted to last a lifetime, both at home and in professional spaces. And every detail is polished for hours on end, giving it a smooth feel.

Nora’s floating seats come in classy oak or a stylish upholstery. Choose between an all-natural fabric or top grain leather, in a selection of fresh colours: Pick your favourite or mix it up if the mood strikes you. We promise, you’ll feel ten years younger.

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