Fawn | lowboard

Fawn | lowboard


Treat. Yo. Self. 

Looking for a finger-licking piece to go with your big-ass TV? Prefer a minimalist style, since you only watch Netflix and listen to Spotify anyway? Look no further.

This all-oak piece will adorn any room with her smooth surfaces and sleek lines. Still feel sentimental about your CD and DVD collections? No prob. Just store your favourites in this lowboard’s push-to-open drawers, and put the rest in one of the bigger storage units.

Product info:

  • Size: W: 220 cm D: 45 cm H: 45 cm

  • Body: Solid oak

  • Storage functions:

    • Two or three drawers + open compartment (two drawer version)

    • Cable management, middle compartment (soft-touch)

In-house design by:


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