Powder-Coated Steel

When we use steel in our products, we make sure it brings the same features we look for in our other natural materials: lightness, airiness and warmth. Does it seem strange to talk about steel using those descriptors? Not for Gazzda. Our steel fits right in with our love for minimalistic, contemporary designs that feel good and look even better.

Our powder-coated steel frames are coated in epoxy and polyester resins that feel warm and natural to the touch. The coating also keeps the steel from yellowing and helps it last a long, long time. What’s more, no solvents are used to create our powder-coated steel, which reduces waste and emissions during production.

Available colours

Use and care

  • Keep powder coated steel away from direct sunlight, heaters, wet or rough surfaces.
  • Clean regularly with a soft, white, grit-free, cotton cloth.
  • We do not recommend using powder-coated steel products outdoors. The steel contains an epoxy component that may chalk when exposed to an outdoor environment.
  • Also, we do not recommend usage in highly corrosive environments. If exposed for a prolonged time to moisture, corrosive chemicals, solvents, vapors or cleaning fluids, there is chance the steel will be damaged.


  • Gently remove dust particles with a soft, dry, cotton cloth.
  • For more cleaning power, clean the surface using a soft, clean, white, cotton cloth dampened in lukewarm water. Leave the surface to dry.
  • If you spill greasy or stinky substances (oil, food, beer, coffee etc.), wipe them first with absorbent paper. Then, use a pH-neutral detergent (like dishwashing detergent), just five drops diluted in one litre of warm water. The best way to clean is to gently wipe with a soft, clean, white, cotton cloth, dampened in the mixture. Do not rub vigorously.
  • Please don’t use abrasive cleaners, such as soft scrub cleansers or scouring sponges.
  • Test all cleaners first for the effect on a small surface of powder-coated steel that is not immediately visible.

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