Mother N. 

To us, Mother Nature is the true rock star of our planet. She simply blows everyone’s minds with her beauties, mysteries and mechanisms. That is why we should take great care of her, and make sure that all wood used for industrial products comes only from FSC ™ (FSC-C130602) -certified forestry. You can be sure that each and every Gazzda product carries the FSC ™ (FSC-C130602) label. To help Mother N. preserve her A-game.

Why does this matter to us? Because forests, like the ones that surround our city Sarajevo, are home to nearly half of the world’s species. Animals and humans rely on them for food, shelter, playtime and tranquility. We breathe the oxygen they produce and use their precious wood for many things. We use it to make furniture for good reason. Take oak, for instance. It is just perfect for the job. It is renewable, regulates moisture, is antibacterial, durable, biodegradable, and of course… beautiful. But in our efforts to create an awesome sense of home, we want to help support the planet we all call home.