Main Line Flax

Plant-based friends, you made the right pick. Not a plant-based die-hard? Still the right pick. This woven fabric is 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is made of 70% virgin wool and 30% flax, making it fully reusable and recyclable. 

Because wool is a natural temperature-regulating fibre, it is very breathable, and adapts to normal human temperatures. Main Line Flax always returns to its original conditions, because of wool’s natural rebound force and regenerative capacity. So, it stays fresh, even when used for years.

Main Line is inviting to the eye, and soft to the touch. It is breathable, purifying, anti-static and hardwearing. If taken care of properly, it can serve for decades. You might say the future of fabrics has arrived. 

Available colours

Use and care

  • Keep the fabric away from direct sunlight, heaters, wet or rough surfaces. These harsh conditions might cause the wool to shrink or lose its natural shine.
  • Every once in a while, run a soft brush over the fabric to loosen the dirt, then run a vacuum over it. (Be careful with hard-brush vacuum accessories – these could damage the wool.)


  • Clean marks, stains and imperfections with a clean, soft, white, damp, cotton cloth. We recommend that you avoid using rough cloths. Friction is not your friend.
  • For cleaning of bigger and difficult stains, use a pH-neutral detergent (like dishwashing detergent), just five drops diluted in one litre of warm water. The best way to clean is with a soft, clean, white, cotton cloth, dampened in the mixture, using dabbing or absorption method, not rubbing vigorously.
  • For a periodical, thorough clean, you could consider an at-home dry cleaning product. Use a dry cleaning ecological solvent (that can be used by hand) together with a soft, white, cotton cloth, following the solvent cleaning instructions.

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