If you have a soft spot for rustic, retro and timeless textiles, you'll love Facet. Just run your fingers over its woolly, soft and fuzzy surface and get swept away to a simpler time. And simpler it is: Facet is about as low-maintenance as it gets. It even naturally repels dirt. 

But Facet offers more than just a good feeling. Woven from recycled yarns, this flat weave felt is durable and dynamic, too. Want the specifics? It is made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. It’s also DMF-free. Oh, yeah. And you can add recyclable and reusable to the list. Now, that’s future-focused felt. 

Available colours

Use and care

  • Keep Facet away from direct sunlight, heaters, wet or rough surfaces. Just like any wool textile, it will mat and shrink if it is exposed to heat or rubbing.

  • Once in a while, run a soft brush over the fabric to loosen dirt. Then vacuum gently. Be careful with brush accessories for your vacuum cleaner: hard brushes may cause damage.


  • Gently remove dust particles with a soft, dry, cotton cloth.

  • If you spill water-soluble liquids (coffee, tea, milk etc.) on the fabric, dab them immediately with a soft, clean, cotton, white cloth or absorbent paper. Next, rub the stain gently from the outside towards the centre, using a soft, clean, white, cotton cloth dampened in lukewarm water. Leave the surface to dry.

  • If you spill greasy substances (oil, chocolate, ketchup etc.), dab them carefully with absorbent paper. Then, use a pH-neutral detergent (like dishwashing detergent), just five drops diluted in one litre of warm water. The best way to clean is with a soft, clean, white, cotton cloth, dampened in the mixture, using dabbing or absorption method, not rubbing vigorously. Friction is not your friend.

  • For a periodical, thorough clean, you could consider an at-home dry cleaning product. Use a dry cleaning ecological solvent (that can be used by hand) together with a soft, white, cotton cloth, following the solvent cleaning instructions.

  • Test all cleaners first for the effect on a small piece of fabric that is not immediately visible.

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